Why Rent?

  • No capital expenditure required to switch to iWalkie.
  • No Maintenance.
  • No extra budgeting required for unforeseen costs.
  • 100% deductible from tax.
  • As iWalkie products can not work on other systems; when bought, it will be costly to move away from iWalkie to another system. Renting thus allows easy of mind in this regard.

How to Rent

The client signs an initial 90 day agreement. Within this 90 days, the client can cancel the rental agreement at any time for any reason. This allows the client to have peace of mind, allowing the client to ensure that iWalkie is the best communications solution for the client.

After the initial 90 days, the rental agreement automatically extends to a 12 month rental agreement. Within the 12 month period, the client needs to provide a written cancellation notice, 90 days before the end of the 12 month period. The 12 month agreement automatically renews annually, if not cancelled.


  • Each iWalkie IP Radio requires a mandatory R250.00 Admin Fee.
  • Each iWalkie IP Radio costs R299.00 per month. This cost allows unlimited communication.
  • The iWalkie IP Radio can be purchased for R2999.00. A R199.00 monthly (Data and Server) fee is charged per radio.

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